When Is the Best Time to Spay Your Dog?

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We recommend that dogs be spayed before their first heat, which is around 5 to 6 months of age. Dogs spayed after their first heat have a higher incidence of breast cancer.  

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How Long Does it Take a Tick to Transmit Lyme Disease?

Experts disagree about how long it takes a tick to transmit Lyme disease. The CDC says that in most cases, the tick must be attached more than 24 hours. We think that gives people a false sense of security. In some research studies, 5-7% of nymphs transmitted the Lyme bacteria in less than 24 hours….

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Where Do You Find Ticks? Where do They Live?

Where do you find ticks?

Because we have been seeing so many pets come in with ticks here in Licking County, we have been getting tons of questions about ticks. A question that someone asked me this morning was…”where do ticks live?” Here is the answer.    Generally, you can find ticks where the animals they feed on live. This…

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How Do You Feed a Bland Diet to Your Dog?

Instructions for Feeding a Bland Diet The general rule for feeding a bland diet is as follows: Withhold water and few for ____ hours. If there is no vomiting after that period of time, water can be started. Start with a couple tablespoons only. If there is no vomiting, offer more 20 to 30 minutes…

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What is the Best Way to Change a Dog or Cats Diet?

how to change your pets food

There is a best way to change your dog or cat’s food. The key is “Slowly”. Start by mixing some new food in with the original food and over several days, gradually increase the percentages until you are feeing almost allnew food then make the final switch. For example, day one, you might have 90%…

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