Welcome to Doxieville!

Granville Veterinary Clinic is pleased to feature the new children’s book, “Welcome to Doxieville”, for sale in our lobby and at Village Pet Market. This book is written by Todd Martin and co-creator Trudi Martin and illustrated by Granville Veterinary Clinic’s Jan Row.

Based on real dachshunds owned by the Martins, children will enjoy the adventures of the Doxieville pack led by Deuce and Diesel as they make friends, learn to count and find that disabilities need not keep them from pursuit of their dreams.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be generously donated to The local humane society and the emergency fund at Granville Veterinary Clinic. Visit the online website www.doxievillebooks.com to meet the doxies and hear what they have to say!

You may order autographed books from this website and receive a Doxieville book marker. Non autographed books and ebooks are also available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.