Many clients complain that their dogs breath smells bad. A bad odor can be a sign that your dog just ate something really stinky or a sign of a serious oral health problems such as a bad tooth, dental calculus, gingivitis, a foreign body lodged, various systemic diseases that can cause ulceration and/or infections, or cancer.  

Signs of problems include an oral discharge, trouble swallowing, trouble chewing, blood in the drool, lethargy, and/or decreased appetite.

What should you do? Bring your dog and and we can complete an examination to help determine the underlying cause of the bad breath. We can then help you decide which is the best treatment.

Options may include a dental cleaning, antibiotics, or recommendations for tooth brushing.

To prevent dental problems in your dog, brush your dog’s teeth daily. Tooth brushes/ finger brushes and special tooth paste are available from your veterinarian.