Want to include your special friend in the Easter Festivities?

Basket Ideas for Cats

-Yeoww Catnip Rainbow/Fish; packed full of catnip that is long lasting
-Cosmic Catnip Carrot; a soft catnip toy with feathers on the end
-Furry Friends Rabbit Catnip Wand toy; suspended with an elastic cord that gives even more bounce and fun for play time
Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treats; a gourmet treat with no added colors, flavors, or preservatives 

-Catnip plant – the perfect Easter grass for any kitty

Basket Ideas for Dogs

Durable toys such as those made by Kong

-Westpaw Toys; a tough, rubber like chew toy that comes in various shapes including balls, bommerangs, and frisbees
-Red Barn Beef Bones; available in 3 sizes to fit all dogs, a long lasting treat
-UpCountry Collar; get a fun, spring pattern for your furry friend
-Elk/Deer antlers; a durable chew that all dogs love

Spending time for for a walk, or spending a little extra time doing something your dog loves such as petting his head or brushing him

A new Fetch or chew toy depending on how your dog likes to play

A favorite treat!