Risk of Heartworm Disease in Dogs in Licking County, Ohio


Heartworm disease is a parasitic infection spread by misquotes to dogs and cats.

The risk of Heartworm Disease in Dogs in Licking County, Ohio, is 0.56%* (1 out of 178 dogs tested were positive for Heartworm Disease). The risk of Heartworm Disease in the state of Ohio is 0.55%# (1 out of 182 dog tested positive for Heartworm Disease).

As you can see in the footnote below, these numbers represent approximately 30% of the cases of heartworm disease present in Licking County. We believe the risk of Heartworm Disease in Dogs in Licking county is approximately 1.5% to 2% which means about 1 to 2 dogs in 100 may be Positive for Heartworm Disease.

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* Data is from January 1 to June 25, 2017.

#This number reflects the total number of tests reported to CAPC in this defined area and represents a sample of the total dog/cat population in this area. The data in provided by IDEXX Laboratories and ANTECH Diagnostics. It is statistically significant and it serves as a strong representation of the parasite activity for each area. However, it does not represent the total number of positive tests. Instead, we estimate it represents less than 30% of the activity in the geographic regions. Data displayed for the current year showcases only the current year data. Depending on the time of year, this map view may only represent a small number of testing months.

Data Source: https://www.capcvet.org/parasite-prevalence-maps/

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