Therapy Laser Services


We at Granville Veterinary Clinic are believers of the benefits of Therapy Laser. Laser therapy can provide pain relief for many conditions as well as aid wound healing.

9 Key Benefits of Therapy Laser

Pain relief

Reduces inflammation

Accelerates tissue repair and cell growth

Improves circulation

Reduces scar tissue formation

Improves nerve function

Increases cellular metabolic function allowing tissues to be more resistant to infection

Accelerates wound healing

Stimulates acupuncture points

Laser therapy in dogs

Many dogs with arthritis and joint pain benefit from laser therapy. The treatments often start every other day for a week, then decrease to twice weekly then weekly.

In general, laser therapy works to reduce inflammation in conditions that cause swelling and itching. In addition, it can accelerate tissue repair and cell growth, reduce scar tissue formation and help the immune system fend off infection for any unfortunate traumatic injuries that a pet endures. Furthermore, laser therapy can improve circulation and nerve function in certain conditions.

Uses of the Therapy Laser

Laser therapy can be used to treat many different conditions. The three main types of problems that laser therapy can really help to aid in are wound healing, treating various skin diseases and to aid healing and pain relief of various orthopedic conditions. For example, therapeutic laser may be used for:

Aid in wound healing such as post-operative surgical incisions, contaminated or infected wounds, burns, snake bites and other skin infections. 

Treat various dermatological (skin) conditions including dermatitis, cat bite abscesses, eczema, ulcerated or non-ulcerated eosinophilic granulomas (particular type of scab), frostbite, panniculitis (subcutaneous inflammation), pododermatitis (inflammation of skin on feet), pyoderma (pus in the skin), and/or seborrhea (dandruff).

Treat pain caused by musculoskeletal disorders such as: cruciate ligament injury, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), degenerative myelopathy, neck pain, back pain, paralysis, loss of motor control, osteoarthritis, post-operative fracture repair, and degenerative joint disease.

Therapy laser patient. While he relaxes with googles in place, a therapy laser treatment is being preformed on his right knee (See red light).

For most acute conditions such as a skin infection – one treatment may be all that is needed. For chronic conditions such as treating chronic pain, a pet will likely start off with every other day treatments. Some pets benefit from monthly treatments. A total of eight treatments is standard for most conditions.

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