We have been using our online pharmacy for about 6 months now. Many of you have used the service and enjoyed the convenience of prescription medication and diets being delivered to your home. Our newsletter and web site can direct you to the pharmacy or click on: https://www.myvetstoreonline.pharmacy/main.asp?uri=1360&id=1728
We continue to sell most of the products we have had in the past. We have many deals, coupons and rebates that our vendors supply to make these products as affordable as we possibly can. Please click here to see the rebates on flea and tick promotions that we are currently offering. Our website has products we don’t carry and many of the same products we sell every day. The website sets prices independently from us and provides specials and coupons that are different than ours. They often have $10 or $20 coupons or a one- day sale that you will receive via email. Timing is everything with these sales, so you can look for the best prices as they become available.
We appreciate your business and know there is competition for a best price from the many online pharmacies. Please consider us in your decision in where you buy products. The source does matter and there are counterfeit and inferior products out there. Our Vet Store Online is guaranteed and backed by us as a trusted source for your pets medication.
If you have further questions about the online pharmacy or anything else, please contact us at 740-587-1129.