Can you use antihistamines in dogs? The short answer is yes, you can use antihistamines in dogs.

Antihistamines are used for treating allergic reactions in dogs and cats. They are used for a short period of time to deal with a single incident such as an insect sting or long term to help manage allergies and itching.

Side Effects

Antihistamines are generally very safe but they can have side effects. Your pet may act sleepy, especially at the beginning of the treatment. These symptoms usually improve after 4-7 days. Some animals experience restlessness or hyperactivity when taking anti-histamines. If these or any other symptoms are seen, please call our office to discuss them with the doctor. Sometimes we will adjust the dose or change medications depending on the situation.

Types of Antihistamines

There are many different types of antihistamines available. Some don’t work well in pets. The doses for pets are often quite different than for people. Sometimes we have to try a few different types before finding one that works well in a given patient.

If your dog is itching or you are interested in learning more about if antihistamines can help your dog, please call us at (740) 587-1129.