Pet owners in the Granville and Newark areas have been spotting coyotes near their homes. The Ohio Department of Wildlife (ODW) says that there is more aggression of coyotes this time of year. Coyote mating season starts in January and goes into March. The gestation of coyotes is similar to a dog – about 60 days. Coyote pups are generally born between March and May.

Coyotes are related to the dog and average about 25 – 30 pounds but can go up to about 55 pounds. They are most active at dusk and dawn especially at night.  You can sometimes her them communicating with howls, yips, or barks.

To protect your dog, consider the following: 

  1. Avoid feeding wildlife on your property
  2. Minimize allowing your dog off leash in rural wooded or isolated areas
  3. Stay with your dog or cat when he or she is out
  4. Keep your pets in at night
  5. Keep your yard well lit at night when your dog is out
  6. Consider solid six-feet fencing around your home
  7. Pick up your dog feces in the yard, keep trash cans secured and don’t dump your garbage or table scraps outside  

It is important to pay attention to your dogs or cats when they are outdoors. Even large dogs can be attacked by a few coyotes.