Note From Dr. Wagner:

I wanted to share a personal note today. 

On November 5th, 2019 there will be a man on a mission, launching into the abyss of Antarctica. No, it is not me but a colleague, another veterinarian that I know in Australia. He, in fact, attended my daughter’s wedding here in Ohio last September (2018). His name is Geoff Wilson and he also is the veterinary mentor of my son- in- law Will Zillman, who is currently in vet school in Australia.
Geoff is leaving on a 5800 km journey. (approx. 3500 miles which is greater than the width of the United States!) He aims to do this totally unassisted, toting all his gear, supplies, and food in a pair of sleds with the help of a kite that allows him to move across the ice and snow when the winds are favorable. He expects this journey to take 80-90 days.  He will be totally alone and only able to communicate via satellite phone for updates and contact with his family.
Dr. Wilson is raising awareness and money for the McGrath Foundation, a breast cancer support mission in Australia. He requests donations to be made for the support of this charity as he is personally funding his expedition. He has stated that the courage of those fighting the disease of breast cancer will help to fuel and encourage him during the upcoming long days crossing Antarctica.
If you would like to learn more, you can follow him on his website:
If you feel inclined to pass this along to a friend please do so. If you feel inclined to contribute to the McGrath foundation, he certainly would appreciate it. 
With warm regards, 
Dr. Wagner
Granville Veterinary Clinic