Fear of Fireworks in Dogs

As the first bottle rocket goes off, your dog is suddenly missing in action, and you’re likely to find him in the far corner of the darkest closet or under the bed. Even if your dog is one of the so-called meanest breeds, he may sit trembling on your lap or at your feet when fireworks are around.

Fear of fireworks and other loud noises is not uncommon in pets. In the animal world, fear is a normal response to a threatening situation or aversive stimulus and is designed to protect the animal from harm. A phobia is a persistent excessive and irrational fear response. Fears and phobias can develop at any age and in any breed.

We have some sedative medications that can help. There are some new products on the market as well. We have been using Sileo and it has worked really well.   We carry this at the clinic. Learn more here.

To learn more about what you can do at home – Please read Fear of Fireworks in Dogs.