We are seeing dogs and cats coming in to the clinic with fleas and ticks.  The ticks scare me not only for the health risks to our pets but also for the potential health dangers to us. I’ve had a few clients that had not left the house because of their own health issues end up having ticks on them that came from their dogs and cats.  Three parasites that are not only annoying but can be dangerous to pets include:   

  • Ticks can spread a variety of diseases. The most significant in the Licking county area is Lyme Disease. Due to lack of vaccinations and tick prevention we are seeing more dogs test positive for Lyme disease in Granville and Licking County than with heartworm disease.  Tick control and Lyme disease vaccination are critical ways to avoid this disease.  Click here to see our map of Lyme Positive Dogs we see here at Granville Veterinary Clinic. 
  • Fleas bite and can cause itching which leads to skin infections and if ingested, can cause tapeworm infections. Fleas can be prevented by easy to use topical or oral medication. There is also one excellent collar we recommend.
  • Mosquitoes can spread heartworm disease. We have seen dogs that seldom go out of the house still get heartworm disease.

 Granville Veterinary Clinic carries many flea, tick and heartworm prevention medications that work extremely well. There are oral and topical formulations including a flea and tick collar that lasts 8 months in both dogs and cats.  Here are some great choices that we offer this month:  In Our Clinic:Dogs- Oral Preventatives

  • Nexgard®
  • Simparica® 
  • Bravecto® (lasts 3 months)

All these products are so effective that the manufacturers offer a “Lyme Guarantee”. 
Dogs- Topical Preventatives

  • Vectra 3D®
  • Seresto® Collar (lasts 9 months)

 Cats – Topical Preventatives

  • Revolution Plus® (Now does Fleas and Ticks!)
  • Bravecto® Topical (lasts 3 months)
  • Catego®
  • Cheristin® (No Tick Protection)
  • Seresto® Collar (lasts 9 months)

Click here to see our current rebates and flea and tick promotions. If you cannot make it in to our office and want to order your flea/tick medication on line –  here is an online veterinary pharmacy that we trust to get you the high quality products we recommend. Do not trust every online pharmacy. Even some with big names have sold inferior and even counterfeit products.   Stop by and we can give you more information on the best product and best deal for your pets. In some cases our in-house rebates are generally better than most online websites’ “sales prices” and in other cases we may pay less for products in on our online pharmacy which allows us to pass that savings onto you. Granville Veterinary Clinic is committed to your pet’s health and wellness and is here to help you keep your pet as healthy as possible.  

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns so that we may help protect your pets.  

With warm regards,  

Doug Wagner, DVM

Granville Veterinary Clinic

P.S. If you have further questions about the online pharmacy or anything else, please contact us at 740-587-1129.