Due to a combination of age, muscle loss and several orthopedic and neurologic conditions, many older dogs lose some of their mobility.

Some of the medical problems can include: 

Many pet owners want to know what they can do to help their dog get up and around. Here are a few tips:

Mobility slings – You can use a towel or a commercial product. A sling is used to go under your dogs abdomen or chest with the handles over the back to help you get your pet up, walk or support going up or down stairs.

Mobility harnessesare commercially available (example Canine Equipment) harnesses that have handles over the back. These are excellent for pets with neurological disease to help them get up or walk.

Strollers can help you take your dog on walks and provide some quality of life elements without relaying on your dog to walk. 

Area rugs can help your dog get footing on slipper floors. Linoleum, tile and hardwood can be very difficult for dogs to get up or get their footing. This is even worse then the floors are wet.

Nonslip booties are made commercially that have traction on the bottom that can help dogs get up from laying down position.   They also make 

Toe grips  are a product that is glued to your dogs nails to provide traction. This works great for dogs that slip on slippery floors. 

Paw traction – there is a commercial product called pawfriction. This product consists of a glue and rubber granules. You apply the glue the foot pads allowing the granules to stick. This provides some extra traction. For more information go to pawfriction.com. 

Bath mats or yoga mats– inexpensive bath mats or yoga mats are a great way to provide some traction for dogs. This can be great on grooming tables or for small kennels or crates.