Parvovirus in dogs is a common virus that is transmitted from dog to dog. It can be fatal and is common in unvaccinated puppies and dogs.  We have heard reports of outbreaks in several places in Franklin County and Licking County. 

Parvovirus, also known as ““Parvo,” invades the intestine causing nausea, vomiting, and severe bloody diarrhea. The disease can be mild or it can be v fatal if not properly treated.

Parvovirus in dogs is very contagious and is common spread from the feces from an infected dog. This can occur from direct contact but more commonly occurs when a dog smells, licks the ground, or licks their feet after walking trough infected feces. 

Signs of parvo can develop within about three days to two weeks after exposure to the virus.  It is diagnosed based on clinical signs and the presence of the parvo virus on a fecal test. 

Treatment includes fluid support, drugs to combat vomiting and diarrhea, as well as antibiotics. 

One frustrating thing about parvo is that it can live in the environment for years.

Parvo is not contagious to humans or cats.

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