Ticks are bad. What is scary is we are seeing ticks every day and seeing more dogs test positive for Lyme disease than heartworm disease here in Granville.

We researched some statistics for the risk of tick bone diseases in Licking County.

These are the number of dogs testing positive for Lyme Disease in Licking County:

Look how these numbers have gone up year to year!

Year Dogs tested positive for Lyme disease
2011 1 out of 1,270
2012 1 out of 160
2013 1 out of 213
2014 1 out of 203
2015 1 out of 178
2016 1 out of 160
2017 1 out of 70
2018 (to 5/29/18) 1 out of 48

These numbers reflects the total number of tests reported to CAPC in Licking county and represents only a sample of the total dog/cat population in this area. The data in provided by IDEXX Laboratories and ANTECH Diagnostics. It is estimated these numbers represent less than 30% of the activity in the geographic regions.

 We believe that the actual risk is much higher than 1 out of 48 dogs and is probably more like 1 in 16 in this area at this time. We also expect this number to get worse this year with the prevalence of ticks.

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