Last month we had a wonderful Granville resident bring in a cat that they found wandering through their yard. The cat looked scared but was very sweet. They asked us to check it and see if we recognized it. We scanned the cat for a microchip and the cat had one!

To scan a cat – we simply wave a scanner over the skin. (See photo). This only takes a few seconds.

Scanning for a microchip on a dog.

Scanning for a microchip on a dog.








This is a photo of a dog after we placed a new chip, we make sure it is working.

If there is a microchip placed, the number will come up. The number came up on this cat and we called the company, got the phone number of the owner and found the cat’s owner!

Within 45 minutes of the cat coming in our door, it was reunited with its very happy owner. The cat got out when a friends child came in the house. We recommend all pets get a microchip, indoor or outdoor, both dogs and cats.

If interested, call us at 740-587-1129 for more information.