Every season comes with potential hazards for dogs and cats. We would like to share some information to help keep your pets safe.

  1. Heartworm Disease – It only takes one mosquito bite to cause heartworm disease, and we are finding that the heartworm risk is always there—even in the winter. In many places like Granville and Newark, Ohio this year the weather has remained mild throughout winter, so mosquitoes continue to thrive. Even when it does get cold, infected mosquitoes may survive the weather in “heat islands” which are apartments, buildings, flowerpots with sun exposure, or parking lots that retain heat in the daytime. The heartbreaking facts about heartworm disease is that it is serious, potentially deadly, and completely preventable.  Heartworms live in the heart, lung and blood vessels of your dog and cause heart, lung and organ damage. If left untreated, heartworms can grow tenfold – from inch long larvae to 10 – 12-inch adult worms that move into larger arteries in a dog’s heart.
  1. Tick Control– Lyme and other tick-borne diseases are becoming more prevalent in Ohio and especially Licking County. The incidence of infection in dogs goes up every year and currently the rate of infection in Licking County is about 1 in 20 tested dogs.
  2. Control Fleas – Besides being extremely annoying, fleas most commonly cause skin infections and tapeworms in many dogs and cats. Heavy infestations may also cause anemia.
  3. Yard Toxin and Slug Bait – There are several toxins that can cause problems in dogs and cats. The most common ones are slug bait with the active ingredient Use special caution when treating parasites in your yard.

What can you do to protect your pet? Keep your dog on heartworm, flea and tick prevention medications year-round. We have some very good products including a new injectable heartworm medication (Proheart®) that lasts 12 months.

Safe and effective flea and tick medications come in topical and pill forms specially formulated for your dog or cat.

For dogs that won’t take pills, the Seresto® collar for fleas and ticks combined with the Proheart® injection is a very good alternative. Call us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

If you have further questions, please contact us at 740-587-1129.