Research shows that many pet owners avoid taking their cat to the vet for routine care because of the struggle of getting the cat into the crate!  And in the case of an emergency, it would be a lot easier to evacuate with your kitty if you could get them into the carrier quickly, and without hassle. 

Don’t let your cat miss out on essential care- check out these tips to make it easier getting your furry friends into their traveling crate!

  • You don’t want them to think of a trip to the vet every time they see the crate. To combat this, and create a positive association with the crate, place it in a common area where your cat already feels comfortable (near the couch, your bed, etc.).  Reward them a treat or some catnip when they are in the carrier! 
  • Depending on the model of your crate, you can take the lid off the crate to make it seem like a more appealing destination, and even put one of their favorite beds inside. A piece of your clothing or your pillowcase (something with your scent on it) will also make the area more attractive to your kitty. 
  • If the sound or action of the door swinging makes your cat nervous, try taping it open so they can get used to the crate without the stress of the door.
  • Once they associate the crate with a safe place, they may seek it out in an emergency (such as a fire or tornado). With the crate in an easily accessible area, and your cat potentially in it in an emergency, evacuation with your kitty is a breeze!
  • Make sure the carrier is the correct size, and that you have one per cat. The cat should be able to stand up and turn around in the crate.  Crates that have a top loading option as well as a door are often easier for larger cats. 
  • If you have a nervous cat, you can cover the crate with a towel so that they feel more hidden and secure.
  • We have over-the-counter pheromones and prescription medications that can help as a last resort. Give us a call at Granville Veterinary Clinic at 740-587-1129 to discuss options if you think your kitty would benefit from these!