There are many reasons cats may urinate outside the litter box. Veterinarians commonly refer to this situation is “Inappropriate Urination”. The key is trying to figure out why.  This is one of the most frustrating problems cat lovers and veterinarians deal with. Inappropriate Urination is the most common reason cats are “put outside” or most common behavioral reason they are euthanized.

Some of the reasons cats may go outside the box can be medical such as they have bladder stones, a urinary tract infection or they have a syndrome called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

Other reasons can be behavioral and they are doing it to mark territorial or because they are bored.

For any cat urinating outside the box, it is best to have an examination and tests completed to ensure there is not an underlying medical problem.

For cats with behavioral problems – these are our favorite two articles:The Fine Art of Litter Box Care.

The Top 8 reasons Why Your Cat Won’t use the Litter Box.

We have seen these two articles change cat owners lives by identifying something that triggers their cats inappropriate behavior. Even if your cat is NOT having a problem, please read these articles and learn what not to do to prevent problems. I hope they help you.

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