Scooting refers to the act of rubbing or dragging the anal area or perineum (the area between the anus and genitals) on the ground.  This is a common symptom in dogs.

Typically, the hind legs are extended in front of the animal as the pet drags herself forward. Dogs scoot much more commonly than cats.

Anything that causes an irritation or itching to the area under the tail may cause an animal to scoot. The most common cause of scooting is anal gland disease. Diseases of the anal gland include impacted anal glands (by far the most common cause), infected or abscessed anal glands and anal gland tumors. Other causes of scooting include allergic dermatitis (allergies), acute moist dermatitis (hot spots), abnormal materials adhered to the anal area (hair mats or fecal material), tapeworms, skin parasites (fleas or ticks), and perianal fistulas.

If your dog is scooting, we recommend that you schedule an appointment so we can help diagnosis the problem and make your dog more comfortable.