The Danger of Ice Melts

By January 12, 2021 0 Comments

Ice melts are products used on driveways and sidewalks to melt ice and snow. Most products contain large amounts of sodium or chloride that comes in multiple forms including sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride or calcium chloride. Ice melt products can get caught between the paw pads and cause irritation including redness, inflammation, cracking,…

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Licking County Deer- Understanding the Rut

By November 15, 2020 0 Comments

I wanted to remind you that the deer are out and plentiful in Licking County. This time of year, deer are in rut. When talking to different people, the term rut often means something slightly different. What is “Rut?” Rut is a term used to describe behaviors associated with the breeding season of deer.  Rut…

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Halloween Hazards

By October 29, 2020 0 Comments

I hope you and your family are doing well. As you know Halloween is just around the corner. I have a few tips to keep your pets safe.  Halloween Hazards The most common holiday-related problems we see are: Dogs and cats getting out when the door opens or pets that run way when frightened by…

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NEW All-in-one Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention

By October 22, 2020 0 Comments

All-in-one Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention There is a new product on the market called Simparica Trio that for the first time provides flea,tick and heartworm prevention all in one pill. Prior to this it there have been separate products. This simplifies protection and saves some money. There is also a rebate on Simparica Trio that can…

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October 2020 Granville Vet Clinic Update

By October 12, 2020 0 Comments

Fall is here and I hope this email finds you and your family healthy. Below is an update on what is going on at the Granville Veterinary Clinic.  We have been very busy. I’m sharing this so you can consider this as you plan your annual examination. We are prioritizing seeing sick pets and emergencies…

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