Important Changes to Our Dog Vaccine Protocols

We recently changed our canine vaccine recommendations for the final vaccine to be at 18 to 20 weeks. This is based on research from the University of Wisconsin that suggests that maternal derived antibody interferes with both Distemper and Parvovirus immunization in approximately 15% of dogs at 16 weeks of age. For this reason, the…

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What is the Best Way to Change a Dog or Cats Diet?

how to change your pets food

There is a best way to change your dog or cat’s food. The key is “Slowly”. Start by mixing some new food in with the original food and over several days, gradually increase the percentages until you are feeing almost allnew food then make the final switch. For example, day one, you might have 90%…

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Keeping Cats Indoors and Happy

Kitten at Granville Veterinary Clinic

The life expectancy of a cat can be related to if they are indoors only, indoor and outdoors or just outdoors.  At Granville Veterinary Clinic, we see many cats that are outdoors only or live both in and out and have live long healthy lives. However, statistically, indoor cats live longer. According to Dr. Dawn…

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What Do You Do if You Cut Your Dogs Nails Too Short?

Cut nails too short dog

What do you do if you cut your dogs nails too short? This is a common question we get from pet owners trying to trim their dogs nails at home!  Here are some tips to help you if this happens.    It can be difficult to trim the nails of dogs, especially in dogs that…

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Risk of Canine Flu on the Rise

We have been receiving reports of outbreaks of the Canine Influenza Vaccine (CIV), also known as the dog flu, in the south of the country. We have concern that outbreaks may occur locally with so many dogs that travel this time of year.   Canine Influenza Vaccine was originally identified in 2005 and news of it…

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