Lyme Disease: What You Need to Know

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Granville Veterinary Clinic Lyme Positive Map

Lyme – Ohio Under Attack       February 2017    Dwight D. Bowman, MS, PhD lecture Midwest Vet Convention What is different about ticks now?  Tick biology has not changed, it is the same tick biology that your parents or grandparents learned in vet school.  At that time the one host tick of cattle (Rhipicephalus Annulatus) was most…

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Risk of Tick Borne Diseases 2016 Licking County Ohio

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Ticks common in Granville Ohio

Risk of Lyme Disease – 1 out of 113 dogs tested positive for Lyme Disease (83 out of 9,408*) NOTE: In 2011 – risk was 1 out of 1,270 In 2014 – risk was 1 out of 200   Risk of Ehrlichiosis – 1 out of 140 dogs tested positive for Ehrlichiosis (67 out of…

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Ear Mites

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Have you ever seen an ear mite? They can be very hard to see with the naked eye. We generally diagnosis ear mites based on symptoms which are most often dark ear discharge and being very itchy. Ear mites are most common in kittens and outdoor cats but can occur in any pet (dog or…

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February is National Pet Dental Month

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Minor tatar at Granville Veterinary Clinic

How can you tell if your dog or cat has dental disease? A normal healthy mouth in a dog or cat should have nice clean teeth with no gum inflammation. As dental disease progresses, there is an increase in the risk of other health issues and can cause substantial pain. If you look at your…

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What is Flea Dirt?

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Flea dirt is the bowel movement of the flea. The winter has been inconsistently cold and we have been seeing a lot of pets with fleas. Here is a cat that is indoor only, never been outside and came in with fleas. In this photo, you can see the hair parted and small black bits…

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