Risk of Lyme Disease in Granville and Licking County

Ticks can spread a variety of disease and most significantly in this area is Lyme Disease. In fact, we are seeing more dogs test positive for Lyme disease in Granville and Licking County than with heartworm disease due to the lack of prevention. Tick control and Lyme disease vaccination are critical ways to avoid this…

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Can Other Bugs besides Ticks Spread Lyme Disease?

Ticks common in Granville Ohio

I recently had a question asking if other bugs besides ticks can spread Lyme Disease. Here is the answer. Researchers have found spirochetes in mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. But it has not been proven that they can transmit the infection. A tick is uniquely suited to carry and spread Lyme disease. Spirochetes have co-evolved…

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