How can you tell if your dog has dental disease? See photos.

Below are photos of dogs with various stages of dental disease. A normal healthy mouth in a dog or cat should have nice clean teeth with no gum inflammation. Here are 4 common stages of dental disease getting progressively worse. As dental disease progresses, this an increase the risk of other health issues and can…

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My Dog Ate Chocolate. Should I Be Concerned?

By February 13, 2018 0 Comments

Chocolate can be toxic. In small doses it can cause GI upset (Vomiting and diarrhea) and in higher amounts the caffeine and theobromine can cause nervous system stimulation and can be toxic to your dog. The levels of caffeine and theobromine vary between different types of chocolate. For example, white chocolate has the lowest concentration…

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Did you know cats can get frostbite? Here is a photo of a cat that has frostbite on ear tips.

By February 3, 2018 0 Comments

Did you know cats can get frostbite? Here is a photo of a cat that has frostbite on the tip of his ears. Frostbite is injury to tissue that occurs when bodily tissue is exposed to freezing temperatures often accompanied by high winds. The primary areas affected in dogs and cats include the feet, tail…

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Why Do I need to Use Flea Treatment in the Winter?

Each fall many pet owners question whether they really need to give their cat or dog flea/tick/ and heartworm prevention medicine throughout the winter. We recommend year round flea/tick and HWP. Here are some facts: Fleas can live outdoors in temperatures as low as 33 degrees F. for up to 5 days (long enough to…

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How Long is a Cat in Heat?

By January 25, 2018 0 Comments

Estrus in the queen (female cat) is defined as the time during the reproductive cycle when she displays interest in mating. Estrus begins when the queen allows the male to mount and breed, and ends when her receptive behavior ceases. In cats, mating behavior is required to induce ovulating. Domestic cats usually reach sexual maturity…

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